Signify Illuminates The Filipino Household With The Latest Range Of WiZ Smart Connected Lighting

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, the world leader in lighting, unveils its new range of WiZ Smart Connected Lighting and strengthens its commitment to elevate the modern lifestyle of Filipinos. The newly-launched line is an extension of the Philips Smart LED with WiZ connected portfolio, boasting an incredible and easily customizable 16 million color range fit for any mood or occasion; and groundbreaking features that make them seamlessly work with any lifestyle.

As a world leader in lighting, we aim to pave the way for the modern Filipino to achieve endless
possibilities with our lighting product. With this launch of WiZ Smart Connected Lighting range of
products, we believe this will usher in a new era of connected lighting in Filipino households, said
Yvonne Pan, General Manager, Signify Philippines

WiZ also named Beauty Queen, Actress, Model, and Entrepreneur Pia Wurtzbach as a Friend of WiZ. A smart home and tech enthusiast, Wurtzbach has been a long-time Philips user and believes in its reliability and innovation.

In such a highly advanced and progressive world, there are so many possibilities for us now, and we
need to choose the right tools for work and home to support us in our day-to-day, Wurtzbach shared
as she discussed her first-hand experience using the products. WiZ Smart Lighting products allow me
to have fun customizing my home to fit to my daily routines and take control of my own space
effortlessly, Wurtzbach also shared her plans to design her new home using WiZ lighting products.

Elevated Smart Home Experience

The exciting new line covers a wide range of products for every space from bulbs to portable light with support of accessories ensuring maximum customization for the consumers own home.

For optimal ease of use, WiZ connected lighting is Matter-certified, supporting the universal open standard and enabling compatible devices and systems to connect and interact securely. This makes WiZ smart lighting products compatible with all major smart home platforms such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung, giving Filipinos more flexibility to control lighting via home automation.

The compatibility with Matter is crucial as it creates a smart home ecosystem across platforms that
allows consumers to enjoy enhanced personalized experiences by exploring the beautiful preset
lightmodes or creating their own presets, said Paolo Royol, Signify Philippines Commercial Leader,
Consumer Channel. Users can create experiences that fit their preferences or adapt to their schedules
through dynamic light modes and dual-zone control; customized roles and access for multi-users; a
user-friendly full-access voice control experience; and a high standard of security for added privacy.

The products are easily controlled through several easy methods, including various WiZ smart accessories, voice control, and the WiZ mobile app, which Signify also boosted with WiZ SpaceSense TM an innovation that lets you set smart lights to be triggered by motion without additional sensors, but Wi-Fi signal sensing technology instead. The app is available for download in both Apple Apps Store and Google Play.