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SM City Marikina Unplugged & Play 2019

Time spent playing with children is never wasted.

Technology is everywhere. Kids are using mobile devices or tablet more and more and they can become addicted to this.  The new generation is growing up playing games online, accessing websites, chatting online on Facebook, sharing photos on Instagram and Snapchat and so on. They are more likely to be virtually connected with friends and loved ones.

I’m not saying that technology is purely bad. Technology has brought many great things to us especially for me since I am working online and as a blogger, I really need it. Most of the times, technology helps us things quicker and easier. Spending time online is a bad thing, but spending too much time online can really weaken the bond between the parents and the child.

My five year old daughter loves to play on her tablet and watch videos on Youtube. She can do it the whole day everyday. I’m guilty because I do the same because of my work and I let her do that for me not to be disturbed by her while I’m working. You know, being a single parent is twice the hard work but it will always be worth it. So if there chances where I can bring her to an event or if the event is for Mommy and Child, I’ll try my best to bring her with me for us to bond.

Last May 18, 2019, we went to Sm Marikina for the event Unplugged & Play. An event where there’s no gadget and just pure fun with family. There are an array of inflatable obstacle and trampoline for the kids to enjoy. My daughter loves to play and jump that is why I know from the start that she will have fun and enjoy it. It is also a great time for us to have a mother and daughter bonding. I was really tired after but it was worth because Chloe had fun.

To all the parents out there, make sure to have some bonding time with your children without gadgets. Invest your time with your children because they will remember it for the rest of their life.


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