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Sm Marikina Indie Fest Summer Music Festival

13226747_10153518440341771_8678898558252256044_nI am not a concert goer but when I got an invite to cover Indie Fest Summer Music Festival I grabbed the opportunity. Why? Because I never been to any Indie Fest Music Festival and I want to try and experience attending events like that. 


The Indie Fest Summer Music Festival happened last May 20, 2016 at SM Marikina’s Open Park area.


The festival was joined by the biggest indie bands from our country like  Badkiss, MotherBass, Jensen X the Flips, Never the Strangers, She’s Only Sixteen,  Techy Romantic, Taken by Cars, and Franco.


It rained during the concert but the people didn’t mind it all. The show goes and enjoyed singing in the rain. Even I, enjoyed the rain. ^_^


It was indeed fun, entertaining and a memorable event for me!


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