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Smart Parenting Money Strategies For Smart Moms


Yesterday, I attended a very inspiring and informative talk about money-savings strategies, raising money smart kids, and home financing., the credible parenting resource backed by experts and a community of involved parents together with a reputable property developer in the country, Lancaster New City held “Money Strategies For Smart Moms” at Cafe 1771 in Ortigas. The aim of the talk was to help Filipino moms to become mindful and confident parents especially when it comes with money matters.


“The minute you become a parent you’ve got to upgrade your money management skills, so to speak – and – that isn’t always easy. Hopefully, the moms found the lineup of topics from our financial experts invaluable,” said Leah Namil-San Jose, Smart Parenting’s editor in chief.


Mr. Aya Laraya, an investment advocate with more than 25 years of experience in different financial industries and a TV show host of Pesos and Sense was the first speaker. He spoke from his personal experience when it comes to money-saving strategies to achieve your goals. He discussed some reasons  why is it so difficult to save and what do you need to do to achieve your goals.


Next speaker was Ms. Rose Fres Fausto, an investment banker turned full-time homemaker and now author and newspaper columnist. She talked about tips on raising money smart kids. She also shared the basic law of money.

  1. Pay yourself first.
  2. Get only into a business that you understand. Seek advice only from competent people.
  3. Make your gold work for you. Make an army of gold before you buy luxury.


Last but not the least speaker was Ms. Celine Choa, Lancaster New City brand manager, discussed home financing tips.

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  1. Babeth arcede
    June 6, 2018 at 9:36 am

    Very helpful to all moms out there.

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