Solutions For Digital Eye Strain In North Ryde

North Ryde is a significant business district in Australia. It has a reputation as a high-tech industrial area with multi-national companies like Honeywell and Microsoft. Its commercial areas are highly developed as well, with Macquarie Centre as the primary shopping destination. The suburb is also home to many university students and researchers of Macquarie University.

For such a busy and progressive area, North Ryde residents are sure to keep up with the modern digital lifestyle. Hence, proper eye care is essential to avoid conditions, mostly digital eye strain. When you look up a Macquarie Centre optometrist, you will see comprehensive services and professionals to aid your vision and health. 

What is Digital Eye Strain

Computer vision syndrome (CVS), commonly called digital eye strain, is an eye problem brought about by a modern lifestyle. Digital devices are extensions of everyday tasks, if not the main activity itself. If you spend most of the day in front of a computer, laptop, or mobile phone, you will likely feel strain in your eyes. Common symptoms of CVS are headaches, dizziness, sore eyes, and blurred vision. Some people experience neck pain and general tiredness. 

Difficulty with eyesight is linked to other health problems as well. People with poor vision develop body pain and poor posture when they lean towards their screens. Prolonged staring at digital screens also causes dry eyes. When you stare at your computer, your blink rate is reduced. Thus, the surface of the eye becomes dry and exhibits redness, causing irritation and a burning sensation. Another effect of dry eye is it becoming watery, as contrary as it may seem. The reflex action of the eyes is to start producing tears to relieve irritation. 

Others have difficulty focusing from near to far. Their far-distance vision becomes blurry that mobility and safety might be compromised. This work-induced shortsightedness is different from true shortsightedness. Optometrists can distinguish the difference, so it is important to ask them for advice. 

Protective Lenses for Digital Eye Strain

If you’re repeatedly experiencing CVS symptoms, you should set an appointment with a Macquarie Centre optometrist. They will administer a comprehensive assessment of your eyes and advise you on proper eye care. 

A specialized type of lens helps with Computer Vision Syndrome. These anti-fatigue lenses have two zones that will help your eyes relax when focusing on different distances. It comes with a blue-light protective coating to reduce eye strain from the screen’s light.

Blue light disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm with excessive exposure. In daylight hours, it helps with reaction time, mood, and boosts our attention. But after sundown, it becomes disruptive. Human bodies are in the best condition when their internal clock is aligned with the natural environment. Thus, nighttime exposure upsets your sleep and causes more harmful conditions. Blue light blocking glasses is a filter for the harmful effects of blue light. It protects your eyes from strain, especially when you work in the night shift. 

Some common conditions associated with CVS are myopia or shortsightedness, hyperopia or long-sightedness, and astigmatism. Myopia is when close objects are clear, while objects in the distance are blurry. People with hyperopia see far objects more clearly than those up close. Astigmatism causes blurry vision in both distances as if objects have a shadow. This condition may occur alone or in combination with myopia and hyperopia. Prescription glasses can correct these conditions.


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