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Sony Bravia Launches 2018 OLED and LED 4K HDR Tv Series

Last May 8, 2018 at Forbes Ballroom, Conrad Manila, the mastery on TV innovations brings Sony Bravia to yet another breakthrough in designs, feature, and user experience this 2018. Launching side by side are the new Sony Bravia Oled TV A8F series and Sony Bravia Led Televisions, as the latest selections to enjoy 4K HDR picture quality, exceptionally designed for enhanced contrast, color, and clarity.

“Our consumers expect the best entertainment at home in the forms of larger screens, excellent picture, and immersive sound quality. There are more expectations inside their homes because that is where shared watching experiences take place. The new Sony Bravia line-up makes this happen to your consumers with the latest premium offering with the Sony Bravia OLED A8F Series and Sony Bravia LED televisions showcasing an exceptional advancement in TV features.”, said  Nobuyoshi Otake, Sony Philippines Managing Director.

The Sony Bravia Oled A8F series produces an incredibly detailed picture with deep blacks, rich and realistic colors and an exceptionally wide viewing angle. Sony’s more than half a century worth of picture processing expertise lends to precise control of the 8 million OLED pixels for a stunning realization of an unparalleled 4K HDR picture via its X1 Extreme processor, while Acoustic Surface technology allows the sound to come from the screen, creating an entertainment experience with a beautiful picture.

Alongside the astounding picture quality and innovative Acoustic Surface technology that is equipped on the Bravia Oled A8F Series, it has an enhanced user-experience giving off an unparalleled viewing experience. It opens up a whole new world of content and entertainment by the television’s internet capabilities and streaming application services. You may command you TV to navigate TV shows and movies, download your favorite apps, play games, or just simply get answers to your questions, all with the power of your voice.

It is designed to make televisions blend in comfortably in living spaces and nestle the device into day-to-day life. The vision comes together in “Soft Minimalism” a concept that fuses warm, welcoming shapes and textures with no-frills configuration to deepen the viewing experience.

Sony also expands their premium 4K HDR TVs with a number of series consisting of the X9000F series, X8500F series, X8300F series, X7500F series, and X7007F series. These televisions are equipped with the latest technologies that Sony has to offer; with X1 Extreme processor able to deliver maximum quality, X-Motion Clarity that resolves the issue of motion blur in larger screen TVs, keeping fast-moving images clear and smooth.

The large 4k HDR LED screen televisions are also Sony Android TVs, enabling a wide array of content to choose from. Video streaming applications such as Netflix and other sources for added content is made easier to everyone to enjoy. Each television is made to fit the homes of every individual, making sure that these works of are blend in harmoniously with your living space. The Bravia 4k HDR LED screen televisions balances both style and design into your home.


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