Start Your NIDO ProtecTodo Journey And Check The 10 Signs Of Good Nutrition

As a mom, we all want the best to our children and be protected at all times. Your child will increasingly become more independent and fearless as they becomes more eager to explore and do things on his own. They gets more exposed to the world, so he needs age-appropriate protection.

This August 29, TODO protect your kids with the NIDO® 3+ and 5+, which provide expert protection and age-appropriate nutrition for your child through each stage of development, available on Shopee for the NIDO Brand Spotlight!

NIDO® 3+ Powdered Milk Drink For Pre-Schoolers Above 3 Years Old

Nido 3+ Powdered Milk 700g NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+ is a growing up milk specially tomulated to the nutritional needs of kids above 3 yrs old. NIDO® 3+ is the only milk which contains LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS® with L. Rhamnosus, which is scientifically proven to support your kid’s respiratory defenses and helps protect them against pathogens in the upper respiratory tract, which causes frequent coughs and colds.

NIDO® 5+ Powdered Milk Drink For Children Above 5 Years Old

NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 5+ is a powdered milk with LACTOBACILLUS ADVANCED PROTECTUS®, DHA, PREBIO3 and other essential vitamins, minerals to kids above 5 yrs old.

NIDO® 3+ Powdered Milk Drink For Pre-Schoolers Above 3 Years Old 4.8kg [2.4kg x 2]

The New NIDO® 3+ is now improved with NutriTods, a scientific program specially designed by experts to address the growing up needs of Filipino toddlers through the nutrient it contains. The New NIDO® 3+ has no added table sugar and is rich in nutrients such as LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS®, DHA, PREBIO3®, Iron, Zinc and other essential vitamins & minerals.

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