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Started Investing For My Daughter’s College Fund With The Help Of Singlife Philippines Cash For Goals (Education)

Having my daughter is one of life’s biggest blessing. As much as I want to give nothing but the best to her, I can’t that is why I work so hard in order to provide for her, send her to the best possible school, and ensure that she’ll have a bright future ahead of her once she grew up.

As a parent, I understand that quality education is the best way to pave a better life for my daughter. It is the backbone of any well-rounded and successful adult. It is one of the best ways to equip her with skills and knowledge to help her achieve a successful future. Education can also transform her and turn her into better human being that can benefit the society as a whole.

However, paying for education from primary to higher education are expensive and continue to increase annually. So planning ahead is one of the tactics most parents do by getting an educational plan. Getting an educational plan for your kids is one way of securing your children’s education. Saving up early to make sure they have funds when they reach college especially when it’s needed.

As of now, my daughter’s dream is to be a doctor someday because she wants’ to treat, help and educate sick people especially those who can’t afford to pay. We all know that studying medicine is really expensive that is why I want to save up as early as possible. Yes, she can still change her mind since she is just eight years old but whatever she wants to take when she’s in college at least I already started saving for it.

Good thing, I saw this Singlife Philippines – Cash for Goals (Education) when I opened my Gcash app. It is an educational plan to help parents prepare for education expense. Singlife made college fund budget-friendly, with just an initial investment of Php 2,500.00 and an additional investment as low as Php 950.00/month.

Singlife Philippines is a mobile-first savings and protection company with headquarters in Singapore, Asia’s technology hub. They provide a better way to plan, save and protect your financial future. They offer the Cash for Goals (Education) the first unit-linked investment product offered by Singlife Philippines.

Through Cash for Goals, your money is invested in the Singlife Smart Investment Fund – a peso-denominated investment-linked fund that aims to earn more than traditional savings accounts by primarily investing in a mix of Philippine fixed-income and equity classes. The fund is managed by ATRAM, one of the country’s leading asset management companies. 

Since it is available on GCash, it makes it more convenient because you can access it anytime and anywhere through any mobile devices. This will also help you stay consistent with monthly investing as it can be automatically deducted to your account. And guess what? When an unfortunate situation happens and you need to withdraw funds for emergencies, you can do so without any fees or charges at any given time. Isn’t it nice?

Overall, this is a good investment for your kid’s future, especially with parents with a tight-budget but still want to secure educational plan for their children.



  1. Amemar Española
    September 19, 2022 at 6:48 pm

    yay! ang ganda nmn na investment to 😍 sigurado na ang future ng anak nmin dto 🥰

  2. Jane Perez Borja
    October 27, 2022 at 9:01 am

    Wow. Secure na ang future education expenses ng ating kids by investing through Gcash for Goals(Education) of Singlife Philippines. Ang baba ng initial at monthly investment kaya naman we can start saving money for our kids future.

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