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Strict Safety Measures Welcome Mang Inasal Diners

As parts of the country steadily ease restrictions on community quarantines, the restaurant industry is also preparing to resume dine-in services which have been placed on hold because of the extended lockdown.

People have been longing to enjoy a meal at their favorite dining places, but many still feel apprehensive and cautious.

One well-loved Pinoy restaurant that has been preparing to welcome back its loyal customers is MangInasal, reputed for its bestselling nuot-sa-ihawsarap Chicken Inasal. Knowing how much people have missed their favorite MangInasal meals and seeking to allay their fears, MangInasal has set in place strict protocols to ensure delicious food and safe dining experience for their customers.

Anyone who wants to enter the store must wear a face mask. The customer’s temperature will be checked and only those with temperature of 37.5-degree Centigrade and below will be allowed to enter. A footbath disinfection mat is also placed at the entrance. Only a limited number of customers are allowed inside the store at any given time. Sanitizers are provided for customers at the door entrance, counter table and wash area for their use.

In keeping with the Department of Trade and Industry guidelines, MangInasal is requesting customers to fill out a Customer Health Form before being allowed to enter the store.

For in-store safety, physical distancing is closely monitored as floor markers set one-meter distance for counter queues. Contact-less payment is enforced with the use of acrylic cash tray and acrylic barriers. Meanwhile, foot knobs are used as restroom doors, and regular disinfection of facilities and the sanitation of workers form part of MangInasal’s stringent safety protocols.

Dine-in customers are enjoined to be seated apart for physical distancing purposes. One-meter table-to-table distance segregates diners while in selected MangInasal stores a table barrier is placed for face-to-face dining.

Store crew sanitize the door and door handles every 30 minutes even as they pursue intensified cleaning and sanitation of fixtures and facilities. Similarly, heightened safety protocols for food preparation and handling—on top of existing procedures that are already thorough—are also being implemented. These include the crew wearing face mask, face shield, and gloves; hand washing and sanitation every hour and when necessary; and the appointment of a Hygiene Ambassador – a crew member wearing an identifying button pin and personal protective equipment and who go around reminding crew and diners of the safety measures. The Hygiene Ambassador himself cleans and disinfects the tables after every use.

Even the serving of unli-rice has been modified for safety purposes. Those who place unli-rice orders will be automatically served two cups of rice. Should they ask for more rice, the crew in charge will provide extra wrapped rice.Meanwhile pre-portioned condiments are served together with the ordered meal.

All these show that MangInasal not only serves good food enjoyed by many, but it also has the safety and well-being of its stakeholders as a priority.

“We know how much everyone has missed dining at MangInasal,” says Business Unit Head Jojo P. Subido. “As we work towards the gradual return of in-store dining, we make sure to put our stakeholders at ease by placing their welfare as our top priority. In instituting all these precautions, we kept in mind our customers’ needs and concerns so that they can enjoy the MangInasal experience once again—safely and comfortably. We look forward to welcoming you back to our stores.”

As of this writing, over 80 per cent of MangInasal stores around the country are open for dine-in. Meanwhile, customers from Metro Manila can continue enjoying MangInasal meals by placing their orders through #7-3333 or via Grab, Food Panda, and Lalamove. They can also place their orders through Jose, the MangInasal Chatbot in Facebook Messenger. They can likewise go to selected MangInasal stores for takeout or for Park, Pickup and Go arrangements.



  1. Twinmama Sarah
    June 26, 2020 at 11:41 pm

    Sobrang nakakamiss nga ang mag dine in sa labas ngaypn..Good to know that everyone is practicing good sanitation ..sana maging kaugalihan na natin to kahit matapos na ang pandemic na ito. Good Job Mang Inasal for the initiative 👏

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