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Sun Life Asset Management Market Outlook 2019 + Sun Life Prosperity Card

Sun Life Asset Management  (SLAMCI) recently held a press conference entitled Market Outlook for 2019 last Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at the Discovery Primea in Makati.

;”Sun Life Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Michael Enriquez discussed about the current market drivers and mentioned that they virtually see no hikes for 2019. S&P upgrades our credit rating to BBB+ with a stable outlook and sentiment on domestic rates have now shifted: from a hawkish view in 4Q GDP to the current rate cut expectation. BSP is now clearly on the easing mode. They expect 2019 earnings to be at 11.7% vs consensus at 15.5%. He also mentioned about unchanged view of the oil market and expect current prices will eventually correct.

Philippine Inflation now is at 6-month lows at 3.0% for the April, this down from the peak of 6.7% in September. It continues to be below core inflation and this tend to signal a rate cut is more likely to happen soon. Food prices has helped depress the inflationary pressures they saw in 2018 and the improving supply dynamics in the food basket that has helped temper consumer expectation on items. Their inflation view for 2019 is now 3.5% and 2020 at 2.8%.

For the dollar-peso rates, they see no changes or 53.20 by the year end and with a slight weak basis. Current account deficit is a less of a worry due to global slowdown. Domestically, election-related spending should provide some upside to GDP but consumption bounce will drive growth as inflation fades.

Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMC) unveils a new variant of its Sun Life Prosperity Card in a lower denomination of only P1,000 to make investing in mutual funds even more accessible to all Filipinos.

Sun Life Prosperity Card is a stored value gift card that may be used to invest in so-denominated mutual funds managed and distributed by SLAMCI. It may be purchased for personal use or as a gift to loved ones.

“The Sun Life Prosperity Card is a lasting and precious gift option ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, baptisms, graduations, and weddings. It enables the recipient to have his own starter mutual fund with a value that potentially appreciates over time.” shares SLAMCI President Valerie Pama.

Sun Life Prosperity Card is also available in P5,000 denomination, the Sun Life Prosperity Card is available for purchase at major Sun Life Client Service Centers or through a Sun Life financial advisor. The card may be activated at any Sun Life Client Service Center nationwide.

For more details about the Sun Life Prosperity Card and the Sun Life Prosperity Funds, consult a Sun Life financial advisor, visit, or call 849-9888.


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