If youre still looking for the perfect gift to give yourself and your loved ones this Christmas, head on over toSHOTS.PHfor a great selection of Tanduay. Embassy, and Ginto box sets.

From only PhP150 and up, the institutional gift boxes come in four selections. Theres the 600 ml Ginto gift box that comes with a complimentary shot glass. Ginto is Tanduays barrel-aged gin thats been gaining customers who want more than just the usual gin. It is a complex mix of sweet and spicy flavors with hints of fresh botanicals. Being aged in oak wood barrels for six months produces its golden sunset color.

For friends who love whisky, theres the 750 ml Embassy Whisky gift box that comes with a branded rock glass. Embassy Whisky is a smooth blend of malt whisky and fine spirits aged in oak barrels. This aging process produces its distinct taste and aroma.

If you prefer rum, theres the 700 ml Tanduay Select gift box that also comes with its branded rock glass. Tanduay Select is a unique blend of cane spirits derived from choice sugarcane and has a suave 60 proof.

One of Tanduays most-awarded rums is also available in a box set for a limited time. Tanduay Double Rum is made from a blend of rums aged for 16 years and 5 years. They are placed in bourbon barrels for two years. This ageing process produces its harmony of caramelized pineapple, toasted nuts, cherry, vanilla, and tropical fruit flavors. The Tanduay Double Rum gift box comes with a free rock glass.

The gift boxes are available until supplies last, so dont wait until its almost Christmas to buy your gifts. And while youre on the site, why not stock up on your gin, whisky, and rum supplies for the holidays as well? Any purchase from the online store comes with a freebie. Stocks are limited, so start shopping now.

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