Taste The Fusion Of 7-Eleven And SPAM® In These Newest Japanese And Korean Snack Drops

A single whiff of a golden brown-fried SPAM® can instantly bring nostalgia to any Filipino. This luncheon meat is a no-fail comfort food choice many of us reach for due to its savory flavor and because of how easy it is to prepare. But while the country has fallen in love with its rice and hot pandesal pairings, there are now more ways to savor it like the first time. Convenience go-to 7-Eleven takes it with a twist by joining hands with SPAM® for its newest delectable duo under the 7-Fresh line: SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu and  SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich. 

Whether it’s the always-on-the-go, work-week warriors, or foodies who like all things trendy, 7-Eleven sure knows how to tickle everyone’s taste buds with its buck-saving and unique innovations. Just last year, the 7-Fresh line introduced its Beef Bulgogi Onigirazu and Korean Egg Drop Sandwich which both became hits. This time, customers can enjoy these goodies with another crowd favorite, SPAM®. 

One’s a snack and two’s a meal with SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu priced at only P79. This Japanese-originated treat is wrapped delicately with a nori sheet stuffed with fluffy eggs and mayo dressing. It’s a meaty double delight as customers can choose between SPAM® or beef bulgogi filling. A choice that is sure to solve one’s hankering for something savory. 

Fans can also relish SPAM® through its Korean Egg Drop Sandwich form. Retailing for P99, the SPAM® and Cheese Egg Drop Sandwich is a popular food most often seen in K-Dramas that is filled with cheese, egg, and SPAM® in a soft, buttery brioche bread—an eggcellent symphony of Korean flavors made accessible. This, too, comes with another meat variant loaded with bacon and corn instead.

Industry-leading 7-Eleven is known as the paboritong kapitbahay primarily because of its creative food concepts that are easy on the pocket but big on the taste. Always exciting its  loyalists, Pinoys can now enjoy their comfort food in a can in a newer, foreign flair right at every corner of the neighborhood.

Take first dibs now and have a taste of SPAM® and Cheese Egg Drop Sandwich and SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu at select Luzon 7-Eleven stores.

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