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Tefal’s Spherical Pot Rice Cooker: Modern Technology + Old Firewood Claypot Cooking

Filipinos love to cook and they definitely love to eat as well. These two are more than just fulfilling a basic need for nutrition. For Filipinos, it is a source of enjoyment, community, fulfillment and recreation. If you take a look at Filipino dinner tables, whether it be for a feast or a simple dinner, you will see one constant staple – rice.

Rice is the one food Filipinos will not want to eat without, and great care is done to cook it to perfection. Filipinos want it piping hot, soft, fluffy, textured and cooked just right. In the olden days, Filipino ancestors cook rice using the clay pot, commonly known as palayok. It brings out rice’s natural sweetness, fluffiness and just seems to be perfectly cooked each time.

With innovation came rice cookers in different forms, shapes and sizes and rice can be cooked as quick as you need it to be. However, the perfectly cooked rice remains a hit or miss. Filipinos still eat rice, even if imperfectly cooked, fully dependent on rice cookers. But what if there is a way for Filipinos to bring back the olden days of clay pot cooking with the convenience modern technology can bring?

French cookware and small domestic appliances (SDA) manufacturer Tefal’s first-of-its kind spherical pot rice cookers have arrived in the Philippines and are set to revolutionize the way Filipinos cook their staple food.

The Spherical Pot Rice Cooker, Tefal’s latest and most innovative rice cooker yet, has five golden features designed to make it one’s most functional kitchen appliance yet.

  1. 3D Heating

Instead of the one-sided heating element found in traditional rice cookers, making for unevenly cooked rice, heating elements are placed in the Spherical Pot’s side, bottom and top, providing an optimal and balanced cooking performance. It provides heat distribution in all directions for homogenous and perfect cooking results.

  1. The 62-degree Golden Angle

Tefal introduced a unique technology for rice cookers, designing the Spherical Pot with a double 62-degree golden angle, forming it in the shape of a palayok and upgrading it from the usual vertical sides of rice cookers.

This Tefal Patent of the 62-degree angle bowl shape, combined with 3D Heating curved heating plate and various sealing mechanisms create a super quick heat circulation to make rice dance!

Rice circulates through heat convection and stronger boiling, making each grain fluffy and equally fuller because of the uniform heat transfer.

  1. Super Durable and Resistant

The Spherical Pot has 6 durable and qualitative multilayers in its inner pot, up to 2.5mm** thickness, with durable and resistant ceramic non-stick coating for optimal heat circulation.

  1. Fuzzy Logic AI Technology

Tefal incorporates the Fuzzy Logic technology in the Spherical Pot. Artificial intelligence in the form of a microchip in the Spherical Pot automatically determines the right temperature and settings for perfect cooking depending on the ingredients in the Pot. With its thermal sensor’s calculation, it adjusts temperature and cooking time easily allowing for a more practical approach.

  1. 35 Cooking Programs

Make the Spherical Pot your go-to cooking pot with 35 cooking functions in its Fuzzy Logic program. This allows you to cook a variety of ingredients and even allows you to cook rice in different ways – soft, hard, crispy and normal. Whether you prefer the sinangag-type of cooked rice or soft and chewy fluffy rice, the Spherical Pot can cook it for you easily.

Michael Yu, Marketing Director Hongkong and the Philippines of Groupe SEB Asia, the world leader in small domestic equipment that owns Tefal, said that Tefal reinvented cooking with the non-stick pan, when it tried to address the need of the market for a simpler, attractive and multi-functional kitchenware.

“And Tefal is still at it – reinventing cooking – this time with rice. This staple food for every Filipino is very easy to cook, and anyone can do it – and yes, you can use any kind of pot or rice cooker to do it. But for Tefal, rice cooked in just any type of pot or electric rice cooker is not enough. This is because Filipinos deserve the perfectly cooked rice every time. And they can do just that with the Tefal spherical pot rice cooker. That’s why it is revolutionary,” Yu said.

Don’t make cooking rice a hit or miss. Make everyday eating a flavorful experience. Tefal’s Spherical Pot Rice Cookers are available in leading department and appliance stores nationwide.



  1. Ma.theresa Priela
    March 4, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    Wow ang Galing Naman ng Rice cooker na yan. Pede kahit Ano iluto. I need this ??????

  2. Love Compoc
    March 6, 2019 at 1:42 am

    Yes na yes sa description ng perfect rice Ms Lhyzie as i want to eat rice na gaya niyan kesa sa tiyempuhan lang. Another innovation from this brand, timely that I don’t have rice cooker at home for months now. Now I know what brand i would consider in buying next time.

  3. Queenie Mance
    March 14, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    Ito ang kelangan ko ang gondooh Ms Lhyzie all in one ? sana magkaroon ako nyan

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