Ten Pests Homeowners May Encounter In The US

While a homeowner may have a spotlessly clean home, they can still find themselves dealing with pests. In the United States, millions of insects and critters are famous for invading homes and trying to take over the living space. Below are ten common pests that homeowners in the U.S. may find themselves dealing with frequently.

One: Wasps

Wasps, often referred to as paper wasps, are flying insects. In the U.S. and Canada, there are at least fifteen common species of wasps. Read more and find useful details by clicking the link.

Why are wasps called paper wasps? They build nests that are paper-thin, and the nests feel like paper. Wasps sting humans, and those stings are painful. Some people are allergic to wasp stings and may need to seek medical treatment immediately if stung.

Two: Ants

Ants are famous for invading homes. In the south, homeowners deal with red fire ants, while the north has to deal with carpenter ants. These tiny insects will bite humans, and some people may be allergic to ant bites.

Three: Termites

While termites resemble ants, they are not the same type of insect. These critters can destroy a home but are important for the ecological cycles of forests. If a homeowner suspects they are dealing with termites, they need to call a pest control company for assistance as soon as possible.

Four: Cockroaches

Cockroaches are nasty little critters that are found all over the United States. These bugs carry germs, bacteria, and diseases all through a home while searching for food and water. While they may seem indestructible, a cockroach can only live a week without water.

Five: Rodents

Many people hate rodents and find them scary. The most common critters in the rodent category are the roof rat, Norway rat, and the common house mouse. These little animals will chew through food boxes and make themselves at home in the kitchen, in closets, or anywhere else they find comfortable building a nest.

Six: Earwigs

Despite the name, earwigs do not crawl into people’s ears. These flat critters are a brownish-black color with scary-looking pincers. They like damp cool spots in the home, such as in bathrooms.

Seven: Millipedes

Millipedes are stinky little bugs that prefer to live outside. If the weather is bad, they will try to enter a person’s home. Despite the name, a millipede only has around one hundred feet. These critters enjoy snacking on decaying wood.

Eight: Silverfish

Silverfish love eating starchy products. This includes cereal, flour, and glue. The insects like warm and humid spaces. If they find a good home, they typically stay put in that spot unless forced to leave.

Nine: Fleas

Fleas are a pest that pet owners commonly have to deal with. Fleas bite humans and pets. A homeowner dealing with fleas needs to call for pest control services as soon as possible as fleas can spread diseases to humans and pets through bites.

Ten: Bees

Bees fly, just like wasps, and come in numerous species. Many humans are scared of bees, but they are important for both flowers and the environment. A cool fact about bees is that honey bees can only sting one time, and then they die, while bumblebees can sting multiple times.

The above list includes ten common pests that homeowners find themselves facing in the United States. Having an infestation can feel like fighting an uphill battle. If a homeowner is overwhelmed with trying to fight pests, they should give a pest control company a call for assistance.


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