The 12 Toys Of Christmas 2022: Your Ultimate Gift Guide For Kids This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again and everyone is more than excited to be spending Christmas with friends and family they had not seen face-to-face in years. The pandemic changed how people worked and studied, but also how families celebrated holidays and special occasions. 

While some of us ‘grown-ups’ may have gotten used to the e-certificates and gadgets we give and receive, kids are sure to be eager to get their hands on some toys they can play with the old-fashioned way. The doors of toy stores have finally opened, and Ban Kee Trading, a leading toy distributor in the Philippines for over 36 years now, is ready for kids of all ages to unwrap their new favorite toy this Christmas.

Here are the top 12 toys of Christmas 2022, brought to you by Ban Kee Trading:

For kids aged 2 years and up

  1. Blue’s Clues & You Barking Large Plush

We’ve all asked Santa for a puppy at one point in our lives so why not beat your little one to it with the gift of Blue from Blue’s Clues! They’ll love snuggling up to Blue and having her beside them as you all watch their favorite show together. 

Available at Php 1,399.00 suggested retail price (SRP).

  1. Leapfrog 100 Things That Go™

Get those little gears turning with the 100 Things That Go™ interactive book! Teach your toddler all about the different modes of transportation around them by hearing words, sounds, and bite-sized facts with every flip of a page. 

Available at Php 2,699.00 SRP.

For kids aged 3 years and up

  1. Tomica Cargo Jumbo

Take your child’s imagination to new heights with the Tomica Cargo Jumbo. Load up the aircraft with other vehicles and small toys and spend hours of fun playing pilot together. 

Available at Php 1,499.00 SRP.

  1. L.O.L. Surprise All-Star Sports S7 in PDQ

Ready? Okay! Give the gift of cheer this Christmas with the LOL Surprise All-Star Moves Series 7 Doll. Each capsule opens up to a surprise character with their own unique set of moves and personalities. 

Available at Php 1,099.00 each SRP.

  1. Road Rats R/C 2.4G Earth Movers

Dig up some fun with your kids and this remote-controlled excavator truck! The Road Rats R/C 2.4G Earth Movers Excavator is fully functional and ready to dig and shove its way around your child’s play area. 

Available at Php 1,899.00 SRP.

  1. Deluxe Vanity Playset with Music & Lights

Glam up with your little superstar and their very own vanity set. With flashing lights and a selection of music to choose from, playing dress-up will never get boring and their imagination is sure to run wild with endless possibilities.

Available at Php 1,599.00 SRP.

For kids aged 5 years and up

  1. LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play

Bond with your kids over the LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play building set and memories from your own childhood this Christmas. Unplug and disconnect from the digital world through some creative play with your kids and this classic playtime staple.

Available at Php 2,500.00 SRP.

  1. DigiBirds – Interactive Singing Birds With Cage

Take a break from the Christmas carols and have your child sing along to these interactive tabletop birds instead! The DigiBirds Interactive Singing Birds can sing up to 20 songs and feature an assortment of bright and colorful designs to choose from.

Available at Php 999.00 SRP.

  1. B-187 Beyblade Starter New V

Everyone loves a Beyblade and your kids are sure to love them too! From solo challenges to mini-tournaments at home, the B-187 Beyblade Starter New V is the perfect gift to kickstart your child’s new collection.

Available at Php 1,399.00 SRP.

For kids aged 7 years and up

  1. X-Shot Skins Flux 2 Pk (8 Darts)

The perfect gift for siblings, get ready to watch your kids duel it out with the X-Shot Skins Flux. With two different skin options in each set, kids can match their blaster with their personality to up their confidence while in battle. 

Available at Php 899.00 SRP.

  1. LEGO Technic Monster Jam El Toro Loco

This realistic miniature El Toro Loco is sure to excite your monster truck-loving kiddos. Designed to look exactly like the iconic truck from Monster Jam, the LEGO Technic Monster Jam El Toro Loco packs a lot of features you and your kids can discover while at play.

Available at Php 1,000.00 SRP.

  1. BUZZBEE Air Warriors – Double Shot

Spend some time outdoors while shooting it out with your kids and the BUZZBEE Air Warriors – Double Shot. Launch darts up to 55 feet away and enjoy hours of active fun with this blaster. 

Available at Php 1,199.00 SRP.

Ban Kee Trading offers a variety of toys to match each and every child’s unique interests. Encourage hands-on discovery and play you can’t get from gadgets with these toys and ramp up the fun this holiday season. Add these items to your Christmas shopping cart and get ready for tons of holiday fun with your little ones! 

All toys featured are available at all leading toy stores nationwide and online on Toy Town, and each toy’s respective flagship stores on Shopee and Lazada.



  1. Lelian P Quisol
    December 16, 2022 at 8:15 am

    Mas Masaya talaga ang mga bata pag naregaluhan ng mga laruan. Daming magaganda sa Ban kee habol na mamili ng pang regalo ❤️

  2. Kristine legaspi
    December 16, 2022 at 11:09 pm

    Ang gaganda ng toys perfect gift talaga this christmas

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