The Guide To Organizing Jewlery

Do you have a lot of jewelry on hand? Necklaces, rings and bracelets can enhance any look: however, it’s easy for them to get disorganized.  Don’t settle for a tangled mess of your favorite pieces. Here is the ultimate guide to reorganizing, cleaning and displaying your jewelry.

1. Sort Them Into Piles

First, find all the jewelry you own. Some may already be on display while others are stashed in boxes and drawers. Begin to sort them by type and keep an eye on your favorite pieces. If you find any that look tarnished or in need of repair, set those aside.

2. Clean and Polish

Since you’re taking the time to organize all your jewelry, you might as well take this time to clean them and get them into top shape. Polish tarnished pieces and wipe down other jewelry that is dusty or dirty. Replace missing clasps or earring backs, and get broken jewelry repaired.

3. Put Them On Display

sapphire jewellery 

There are many ways to display or store jewelry. If you like organizing your favorite pieces of jewelry on the countertop, find a few stackable jewelry boxes or multiple tier displays. If you’d rather store jewelry in a drawer, velvet jewelry organizer trays do a great job of protecting and displaying your jewelry.

4. Place Your Everyday Jewelry Where You Can See It

You know yourself best. Put the jewelry that you use most often in a place that is easily accessible. Good places for this type of jewelry include nightstands, bathroom counters and mirror hooks. You may want an organizer specifically for this jewelry.

Once you have organized all the jewelry you own, you can keep them clean and orderly by periodically tidying up. With all your jewelry readily available, you can easily pick the perfect piece to wear each day. 



  1. Lyka (mitra) baqueros
    July 30, 2020 at 9:11 am

    Thanks po sa tips para sa mas maayos at madaling makita ang mga alahas..

  2. Erica Sosing
    July 30, 2020 at 7:06 pm

    Thank you for the tips momshie on how to organize, clean and displaying our jewelry. It’s really important din po tlaga na maging maayos ang ating mga alahas Para madali natin sila makita if kelangan natin sila or gagamitin. Para din di maluma agad or madumihan.?

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