The Oola Dream Tour Lands In The Philippines With A Mission To Collect One Million Dreams

The Oola Dream Tour, a personal development and empowerment tour created by the Oola Guys and International best-selling authors, Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl has arrived in the Philippines with a surfboard in tow to collect hand-written dreams to add in their world famous Oola Bus which is currently covered with 31 layers of aspirations.

The Oola Dream Tour has traveled to several cities across the United States and Canada, providing participants with a unique opportunity to grow, learn, and connect with others on a similar journey and now they have already started making their mark in Asia.

In the Philippines, the Oola Dream Tour has been welcomed with open arms by locals, who have eagerly shared their dreams on stickers and added them to the surfboard. From entrepreneurs to students, everyone has an exceptional dream that they hope to achieve, and the Oola Dream Tour is helping them take the first step towards making it a reality.

“With the Oola Dream Tour what I found is we are not alone. We see it in every little city we pass through. We see people who are trying to be the best moms and best husbands, but they are pulled away by work,” shared Oola founder Dr. Dave Braun.

“The people that need Oola the most at times, afford it the least. So, lets get this tour across the country and lets collect dreams around the world from people and say that it matters fitness dream, financial dream, all dreams matter, Dr. Troy Amdahl said about the start of the Oola Dream Tour and their goal to have a positive impact on a billion lives by giving what is affordable to everyone and the same information so they can live a better life.

The Oola Dream Tour is not just about collecting dreams, but also about inspiring people to take action towards achieving them. The tour typically comes with workshops, keynote speeches, and opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals and gain inspiration for their own goals.

The Oola Dream Tour has made a name for itself by providing a fun and engaging way for people to share their aspirations. With two guys and a bright and colorful Oola Bus, covered in stickers from people’s dreams, they are going to continue travelling across different countries. Their goal is to change the world with a word (Oola). Their next stop would be at Thailand.

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