The Perfect Match: How To Match Your Drink To The Food You Are Eating

Many people around the world enjoy eating good food and drinking a beverage that pairs well with their dinner. There is a science behind pairing certain alcohols with the food you are eating. Below is a closer look at food pairings and aspects to consider when pairing certain beverages.

Resources to Consider

Pairing food items to specific alcohol is not an easy task, and many people turn to various resources to help them. For example, you can search online at to learn more about bourbon and the specialty food items that pair best with it to release the natural flavors in the alcohol as well as in the food. There are various books to purchase and events you can attend that showcase different alcohols, foods, tastings, panels, and so much more.

Spirits and Food

Spirits are a bit more complicated to pair with food than cocktails or wine because of their higher alcohol content and their flavor profiles, but it is not impossible. For example, gin pairs well with smoked salmon and rye bread. On the other hand, bourbon is paired well with barbeque.

Cocktails and Food

Cocktails are a bit easier to pair with dishes because mixed drinks have a more specific flavor profile that are either sweet, sour, or bitter. Cocktails can be tweaked to match your food, but it is important not to overwhelm the drink or the food. Don’t serve a heavy cocktail with a light dish, and don’t serve a light and refreshing cocktail with a heavy dish like a Porterhouse steak.

Alcohol and Dessert

Dessert is a special category of food because of its sweetness and richness. Many people prefer to drink champagne or a sweeter wine when they are indulging in dessert. A soft rose or a sparkling white wine pair really well with a light dessert. A dark chocolate cake is often paired with a bold red wine to enhance the chocolate’s flavor.

Wine Pairings

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is loved all over the world. To enjoy its flavors more, wine can be paired with different food items to enhance its natural flavors. Wine should always be more acidic and sweeter than the food. Wine should also have the same flavor intensity as the food. For example, white wine pairs best with lighter protein like fish and chicken. On the other hand, red wine is paired best with bold flavors of meat like steak and lamb.

Your Palette is the Final Decision Maker

Although there are many rules and guidelines when it comes to paring certain alcoholic beverages with foods, in the end, it is up to your palette to determine what you like and want to consume. If you enjoy a steak with a glass of crisp white wine, have white wine with your steak. Food and alcohol are meant to be enjoyed.

Certain foods and alcohol go well together, and some do not. When you are trying to pair food items with alcohol, it is important not to overdo it on either side. If you are eating a light dish, your beverage should be on the lighter to medium side. If you are enjoying a red piece of meat, consider a red wine or vodka martini to accompany it. When it comes to your palette, enjoy the food and drinks and do not worry about strictly following rules. Pairings are merely guidelines. In the end, you establish the rules regarding what you like and don’t like.



  1. Ramiella Keira Infante
    March 10, 2020 at 6:25 am

    May ganito pala dpat ka match ng food na kinakain mo ang iinumin mo hehehe kain lng ako ng kain,now I know thanks for this blog.

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