The Truth About Home Teeth Whitening Kits: How Safe Are They?

Dental professionals explain everything that patients need to know about teeth whitening. Not only do they perform cosmetic treatments, but dentists can provide their patients with recommendations for products to use at home. They may also give the patients at-home kits to decrease the risk of new stains and discoloration. The dental professionals will explain the risks and benefits of the treatments.

Get A Dental Examination First

Dental professionals recommend that all patients get a dental examination before using any whitening products. Even OTC products can cause pain and discomfort if the patient has any existing tooth or gum damage.

They should also undergo a peroxide sensitivity test before getting professional whitening services as they could sustain injuries or have an allergic reaction. The dentist will make recommendations about getting professional whitening services and make recommendations about at-home services. Patients can learn more about the processes by visiting Teeth Whitening Near Me now.

Do Dentists Provide At-Home Kits?

Most dentists provide at-home whitening kits for patients, and they instruct the patients on how to use the kits to maintain their whitening results. Typically, the at-home kits should be used once a week according to the dentist’s instructions.

They are not professional-grade products, and the whitening effects will not be the same as professional services. However, the at-home products are validated by the dentist, and they know the products are safe for the teeth. Dentists can also recommend OTC whitening products for the patient according to their knowledge of the products.

Should the Patients Use Whitening Products Every Day?

No, dental patients should not use whitening products every day. The whitening products are not safe for everyday use as they could weaken the tooth enamel. Overuse of peroxide products can cause the tooth enamel to wear away and become damaged. Once tooth enamel is gone, the dentist cannot restore it. They can only apply composite resin or porcelain.

Many patients believe they must use whitening products every day to get the preferred results. However, it is not recommended by most dental professionals become it can cause tooth damage and irritate the gums. Any patients with sensitivities to peroxide products could have an allergic reaction or sustain gum damage by overusing the products.

Following the Dentist’s Schedule

Dentists provide a schedule for professional whitening treatments according to the patient’s needs. For example, they may perform one treatment each week until the discoloration is gone. After they achieve the maximum results, the patient will undergo professional treatments once every six months.

Their dentist will give them at-home kits to use, but the patients should follow their dentist’s instructions exactly. They should never overuse the kits as the dentist will not give them more kits until the allotted time has passed. The kits are not free, and the patient will need to purchase them from their dental professional.

Dental professionals can perform teeth whitening treatments to lift and remove stains and discoloration on the tooth enamel. The treatments are safe, and the dentist will not complete more whitening treatments until it is safe for the patient. Typically, the dental professionals set up appointments for the patient’s whitening treatments according to their individualized needs. Some dentists give their patients at-home treatments to maintain their results and decrease the risk of new stains.


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