Things To Consider Before Picking A Leiebil Tenerife Company

Exploring new locations is so much better when you have your car and the freedom to explore as per your liking. The best way to explore Tenerife is by renting a car and being your tour guide. The island does not just have beaches, there is a lot more than you can see hidden in the nooks and corners of the island. From volcanic planes to abandoned fishing coves and vineyards situated further away from establishments, you can find these places on your little travel adventure.

Car rental in Tenerife can be booked online and it will be available for you as soon as you reach the airport be it the Tenerife North Airport or the Tenerife South Airport or any other place that you desire. There are numerous rental companies in Tenerife and driving on your own is one of the most convenient options when on the island. The reason for this is cost-effectiveness and ease of traveling. The fuel is cheap, and the roads are beautiful.

With a large number of Leiebil services available in Tenerife, you might get confused with which one you should be selecting. This is what we will be discussing in this article. Here are some basic facts that you should consider before booking a car at Leiebil in Tenerife.

Your Documentation

First thing first, you need to have a driving license that is valid internationally if you are not from Tenerife. You should have a driving license that is accepted on the island and have it with you. Most of the rental companies in Tenerife will ask you to show your driving license before they hand over the car to you.

Also, you need to have all your documentation in order such as your passport, visas, and ID. Some companies might also ask you for a valid credit card as a guarantee before renting you the car. Hence make sure that you do thorough research on the requirements before you opt for level services. You can learn more about rental services by clicking here.

The Driving Rules Of Tenerife

In addition to the documentation, you should also be aware of the routes that you will be taking and what kind of roads you might have to drive on. The higher areas in Tenerife have sharp turns and hairpin bends. Also, know what the road rules are and driving guidelines on the island to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

The Size and Type Of The Car You Need

The price of the car will vary depending on the size. A bigger SUV will cost you more than a sedan. So, look for cars that are perfectly suitable for your needs. You will be able to find the information about the seats and the capacity of the cars online.

In addition to this, it is important to note that the new cars are costlier than the used ones. If you do not plan on using the car for long durations, then opting for an older one is not a bad thing. You might end up saving some money. However, if you do plan on taking longer trips and going on difficult terrains, then taking a new car is advisable. You can click on the link to find out more about renting a car:

The Best Reviewed Company

When you do your research, make sure that you read reviews of the companies. You will want to look at more than one company when finding the right fit for you. You can see how good the company is by analyzing the experiences people have.

The company should also have many drop-off locations for the rental vehicles. Always pick a company that will have pickup and drop locations in the areas that you are traveling to so that you do not have to spend extra time dropping and picking up the car.

Customer Care

Always give a call to the car rental services before you decide on booking them. A company with good customer care service is always a better choice than a company that does not entertain customers.


You don’t want to be charged extra for the services you don’t need. So, list out your needs such as the size of the car, the distance you want to travel, and much more. Compare the prices of these services for each company you find.

Remember that cheap is not always better but you should also not be paying in excess. It is also good to book your car online so that you can save yourself from hidden costs that some companies end up putting in the bill when paid in cash.

Check Properly

As soon as you get your rental vehicle, you need to first do a thorough check of the exterior. Companies will charge you the cost of damage and you do not want to pay for the damage someone else has caused. If there are any dents and scratches on the car before it has been handed to you, make it clear with the service team so that they won’t falsely charge you.

Secondly, every vehicle is different, and you should familiarize yourself with the interiors and functions before you head on for your long journey. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the working of the breaks, the steering wheel, the buttons, and functions such as the air conditioner, the mirrors, wipers, and hand breaks. Also, enquire about the fuel the car runs on so that you don’t end up putting the wrong fuel in the tank.

Get Insurance

Do not ever rent a car without buying insurance. No matter how good your driving skills are, there is always a possibility of accidents. Compare the insurances provided by different companies and see which one of them is suitable for you. The insurances will cover certain needs and will list out things that you are or not responsible for.

Know Your Limitations

We have told you to get to know the automobile properly, but you should also know what kind of roads you can drive the car on. You will have to stick to the paved roads. Not a lot of companies will appreciate you taking their rented vehicle to a path that has mud or rocky terrain. Plan out the itinerary and let the rental company know, where you plan to take it so that they are aware.


Finding a good car rental company in Tenerife is easy if you carefully make your choice and know the route you will be taking. Doing some research before visiting the island and also booking an automobile will save you a lot of hassle. You can find out more about Tenerife here.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your rental car now to have the best holiday experience in Tenerife.



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