#TikTokPusuanMo Na Yan This Valentine’s Day

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, introduces a slew of exciting and local activities for the season of love. The TikTok community in the Philippines is invited to join in on the fun and engaging challenges with TikTokPusuanMo kick starting all the fun:

Catch the TikTok Harana Music Line-up on February 14:

  • Livestream Concert featuring local artists where users can submit song dedication requests on TikTok and Twitter.
  • Artist Line-up: Arthur Nery, Adie, Janine Tenoso, NOBITA

TikTokPusuanMo – February 6-19

This valentine season, #TikTokPusuanMo na yan! Use our hashtag to showcase your day with your special someone inspired by the heart icon.


We tap on our reliable news partners from our ever growing news vertical to share stories that touch on love, including inspiring local Filipino stories. On top of that, we encourage the community to share their love updates on life, personal, stories or even a narrations of love this 2022.


In life you have your soul mate, in fitness you have your #SwoleMate. Grab your gym buddy and show us how you stay fit together. And if you don’t have a #Swolemate yet, then you can invite others to Duet with your workout to become your #Swolemate this Valentine’s Day. (Shared Workouts, Fitness Routine Challenges, Fitness Versus Challenges)


A broken heart is a motivator to get in shape or the spark to pursue a sport. Athletes are encouraged to share their clever hugot lines that apply to their workout or to their sport.


The community is encouraged to showcase their Valentine’s Day efforts through cooking. Perhaps our TikTok community can share how they season their love for food, all with a heart theme tied to the challenge.


Romantic movies to watch or an audio playlist to listen to for the season of love; Perhapshugot and heartbreak flicks for our struggling love warriors?

See you on TikTok this Valentine’s day!