Tips And Tricks For Choosing The Perfect Storage Unit Size

Thinking of renting a storage unit? If so, keep in mind that picking the correct storage unit size may not be as easy as you think.

You may ask, “Isn’t the only thing that matters how much stuff I want to store?” This is a big part of it, but it’s not the only factor determining the right unit size. You also need to consider availability, intended use, and additional features.

Want to know more about how to pick a storage unit size? Here are four simple tricks that will help you narrow down your selection.

Know the Standard Sizes

Storage units come in several standard sizes. Here’s a quick storage unit size guide:

• 5 feet x 5 feet: great for small personal items

• 5×10: 1-2 large pieces of furniture

• 5×15: bedroom furniture, motorcycles

• 10×10: major appliances, contents of a small apartment

• 10×15: compact cars, belongings from a 2-bedroom home

• 10×20: mid-sized cars, belongings from a 2-3 bedroom home • 10×30: boats, large appliances, contents of a 4-bedroom home

Determine the Unit’s Function

When it comes to how to pick a storage unit, it helps to assess its primary function. Will you be rotating items in and out of your unit? Do you need temporary storage for a move? Will you store an expanding business inventory?

By answering these questions, you’ll avoid the issue of outgrowing your unit. For example, if you’re storing business inventory, it’s better to rent a bigger unit to start with. That way, you won’t have to move everything to a larger space later.

Create a Preliminary Inventory

Having a general idea of what you want to store is nice, but why not go a step further? Go through your house and create an inventory of things to store. We often don’t realize how much stuff there’s to store until we make a list.

While you’re making your inventory, figure out how many moving boxes you’ll store. Also, determine how many (and which) pieces of furniture will go into storage. It’s a good idea to get rough measurements of the larger pieces.

Go Bigger if in Doubt

Are you looking to store a boat or simply think you may need a lot of space? If so, being economical with your storage units is not a great idea. By going one size bigger, you’ll avoid damage to your belongings or issues with unpacking.

Plus, larger storage units may only cost you a few extra dollars per month. For instance, a larger unit may cost less if there’s more availability. Make sure to run the numbers before letting the larger size deter you from a purchase.

More on Storage Unit Size

As you can see, storage unit size isn’t an easy thing to figure out. Here’s one final tip to help you out: use painter’s tape to measure a storage unit size. Mark off a space the size of a storage unit and see how quickly you can fill it out.

Still not sure how to pick the best storage unit size for your needs? Interested in the latest trends in the self-storage industry? Keep reading our lifestyle-related content!


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