Tips For Thicker, Fuller And More Vibrant Hair

Hair too thin, too fine, or simply looking flat? Thinning, over-dyed, or damaged locks?

There are several ways to give your hair more volume and create a fuller more vibrant mane. To achieve this we’re paring them down for you in a few simple tips:

  • Styling tips

There are plenty of styling options for you to create the thicker, fuller and more bouncy look that you crave for your hair. Firstly, there’s the good old velcro rollers your grandma has used for years. Roll up your hair for 20 minutes or so to get instant volume. If you don’t have the time to spare, try teasing your hair at the roots or backcombing it to give your hair added height and shape. Parting your hair on the side will also make it look more voluminous.

  • Keeping it short

Most stylists recommend a shorter hairstyle for those with thin or fine hair. Short hairstyles like the pixie cut or the asymmetrical bob give an illusion of thickness and sophistication. Large soft curls and layers on short chin-length hair create more volume. If you still prefer longer hair, choose a wavy and tousled look for a fuller effect or use highlights to give your straight fine hair some added dimension. (Warning: foil highlighting could damage your hair, so think twice before choosing that option).

  • Getting hair extensions

Magically transform your mane into a thicker, fuller, lustrous crowning glory with halo hair extensions in seconds! They’re easy to use and won’t damage your hair as you won’t need clips, tape, or beads to wear them. You can choose one that is closest to your natural hair colour and the right thickness to suit your hair type. Halo hair extensions allow you to fill the gaps where your hair is thinning, making it look thicker naturally.

  • Using natural treatments

While not scientifically proven, a number of natural remedies for thin hair have been used for centuries. Many swear by coconut oil treatment not only for healthier, shinier hair but also for hair growth. Aloe vera is also  a very popular remedy for hair loss and is an active ingredient in many volumising shampoos and conditioners. Massaging your scalp to keep its natural oils will also boost the growth of new healthy hair.  There is no         absolute guarantee that such natural remedies will work, but they are certainly worth a try!

  • Eating a healthy diet

One can’t over emphasise the importance of keeping a healthy diet. Add  into your daily intake nutritious food rich in protein, omega3/omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants and a range of vitamins that can help with thinning hair and improve hair health in general. Eggs, nuts, beans, avocado, and salmon are just some of the nutrient-rich foods you should consider having regularly. Supplements may help, but best to consult your dermatologist or health care professional as they could have some side effects especially if you’re already taking certain medications.

You can now say goodbye to thin, flat-looking hair! Use some of these fast tips and give your fine locks the volume, vibrancy, and fullness they deserve.



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