Tips On How To Be Safe, During These Dating Endeavors

It’s been more than a year since this COVID-19 pandemic started and we all don’t know when will this end or will this COVID-19 will be gone or all we can do it just to adapt to the new normal.

With all these happening or uncertainly around us or the fear of the future, many or most of us are afraid and somehow lonely. This global pandemic negatively affected people’s lives in so many ways, including causing intense loneliness and isolation for some that is why some of us wants someone who will be there for us or someone who can help us with our boredom.

With this pandemic, a lot of people embraced the world of online dating. In fact some people who are single are ready to mingle (or maybe more than that) even though we are facing this global pandemic. I think some people will call it as “QuaranFLING”.

Thanks to technology and creativity, you can meet someone new and spend quality time together through an online dating app, zoom, facebook messenger or facetime.

I’m not against with online dating but let me share to you some tips on how to be safe, or not be hurt during these dating endeavors:

  • Find the right dating sites

There are lots of online dating sites especially right now but BDSM dating sites are the perfect places to find a love that satisfies the heart as well as kinky sexual desires. 

Start with searching femdom near me or femdom community on google and study the whole website first and if there reviews available, read it. Start digging the site first before you start your online dating journey. BDSM dating site offer a service which pairs up Dominants with submissives. They enables their members to engage with one another, to chat, share photos and video content, to exchange stories of scenes they have been in, or exchange advice – and of course meet in person

  • Don’t divulge identifying information

Don’t divulge identifying information such as your real full name, your home address, your telephone number and all your important details on your profile or even you are first chatting. Limit the information you post on other online platforms to be safe.

  • Make no assumptions.

The first rule of online dating is never make an assumptions. Making assumptions is a bad habit. And a dangerous one.

  • Take it slow

Don’t rush into something you are not sure to begin with. Have a conversation first. Get to know the other person first. Have a conversation. Your instinct or gut will tell you if he is the best match for you.

  • Video chat or phone call

I believed that somehow you will better understand or know other other person if you are facing face to face with them but since there is an ongoing pandemic, video call will do.

They said that its good to get to know a Femdom or a submissive before meeting in person. Chatting to a Femdom or submissive, exchanging photos and/or videos and having a call before meeting for the first time will reduce the chance of any disappointment and heighten the excitement!

  • Have fun

The very reason why you are doing or trying online dating is to have fun and somehow lessen our loneliness. As long you are having fun and you are matured enough on what you are doing, then there is nothing wrong about it.



  1. Love Compoc
    March 9, 2021 at 1:01 am

    The “have fun” though ? Yan naman talaga dapat and of course, ung info . Cute ng quaranfling ✅ Wonderful tips sa mga single and bored this days, to have friends to talk too and/or develop into a relationship ❤️1987@

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