Tips To Have Great Hair Day Every Day

You may see some people who never have any hair strands that seem to be out of place. Meanwhile, there’s others that grapple with combs and shampoos to tame their curls and bedheads. Even if you manage to leave your house with a decent hair-do, you may find that your strands will be all over your head after 20 minutes of walking through a gale.

While not a hundred percent of the population is given the magical hair genes, there’s always a way to avoid the hairy moments. You can know some tips when you click here. Here are some tips from the experts to ensure that you always look on flick every single day.

What You Need To Do

Make the Trip for Trims Whenever Possible

The local salon’s hairdresser is not someone who’s going to standby until you decide that you want to be a superstar for the day. They are there to trim the split ends and stop them from traveling through the shaft. Too much split ends will damage the strands, and they will affect the overall health of your hair.

If you have textured layers or cuts, you may want to get the necessary trims once every six weeks. If you have a curly crown, a trip every four months will be worth it. You can condition your mane and keep the splits in check.

Know your Hair Type

You may be tempted to try every product that works on the channel of your favorite YouTuber, but this might not be a good idea. It’s always best to know your hair type to bring out its best. Every day can be a national hair day when you use the right shampoo and great products for your strands. What you need is personalized care, which is more effective than choosing products from your local grocery store’s shelves.

Knowing the type of hair that you have may seem hard work, but this process is simple. You may want to check with blogs, articles, and DNA generators online to see the root of your mane’s DNA. There are mapping systems that only require you to answer several questions about the health of your strands.

Some of these codes will prescribe tailor-made products for the needs of the strands and the scalp. With many possible product combinations out there, you need a tailor-made and bespoke solution that will make your hair bouncier and shinier.

Be Careful with How you Wash your Hair

There are many online tips that tell people when they should wash their hair, but this varies from one person to another. If you shower daily, you need a gentle shampoo that will not strip the oils on each strand.

If you do deep cleanings every week, you need a nourishing and rigorous formula that will help you remove dirt, oil, and sebum from your scalp. You need to determine what your strand needs, and it should be a bespoke regimen that your locks or mane will surely love.

If you have curly and afro hair, you may need a routine that includes detangling with the use of a wide-toothed comb. Use the fingers to comb through the strands before a thorough wash. There are moisturizing shampoo or sulfate-free cleansers that will avoid stripping the strands and, at the same time, reduce the build-up of products on the hair. A leave-on contains the protective oil that will further nourish your locks.

Get Tips from your Skincare Regimen

Your shelves may be lined up with cleansers, moisturizers, toners, and serums, but lots of people don’t know how to take care of their hair. Nowadays, it is essential to have clarifying shampoos to remove any build-up, get weekly deep conditioning treatments, serums, and masks for the hair. These products add the needed shine and protection for your locks.

You need to mix and match the products just like you would with your skincare bottles. Your hair needs extra care, especially if it’s rebounded, colored, or too oily.

Sorting Out the Bedhead

When it comes to bedhead, most people will wake up far from the tousled and sexy kind that they see in the movies. What we are talking about here is the mornings when you woke up from the wrong side of the bed, and it looked like you were fighting the angry birds while sleeping. To prevent these morning meltdowns, what you can do is to let everything down before you sleep. Knots and ties will cause kinks in the morning, so be sure to avoid these.

If you are having difficulties controlling your bedhead each morning, experts recommend that you style in undone waves. You can grab an iron and style the strands by splitting them into sections. Read more on how you can use an iron here: You can iron towards or away from your face, in different directions, and others to create waves effortlessly.

Leave the ends from the iron tips to achieve that chic finish. Volumizing sprays can loosen out the waves, and you should try to use your fingers to cover any struggling strands and traces of bedheads.

If you have a few minutes to spare, it’s recommended that you blast the rebellious fringe with a dryer. Dampen them with a spritz of shampoo to give them more life. The rest? You can make a cute top knot out of them and make them livelier.

Encountering a Rainy Day?

If you get caught up in the rain without the umbrella, you can comb everything up into a low pony located at the neck. Take some strands and wrap it around the pony to act as a tie. Once you secure everything, you can cover them up and add sophisticated edges. Salt sprays will also serve as mists and use your fingers to scrunch something to create definition and movement.

For those who got caught in the rain the afro way, it’s helpful to have a headband or a scarf that can add a stylish fix to your overall look. If there’s drooping and your curls start to lose their style, tie them into a bun, and use some accessories to give them a full lift.

Dry Shampoo is the Answer to Grease

If you don’t have time to wash your strands in the morning because you are in a hurry, then you may have greasy moments as a result. Dry shampoo can act as your best friend in the mornings like this. However, it would be best only to use a bit of it so you won’t end up with too much powder on your hair. You can try a more relaxed bun or pull some of your strands and section them for a more effortless finish.

Restoring the Volume with a Hat

Everyone knows that winter is here, and you now have flat and dull-looking hair. If you want to add a quick boost, then you can tip your head in an upside-down fashion. Shake some of your blonde locks at the roots, which is guaranteed to bring them back to life. If you have hairspray handy, you may want to do a quick spritz before going out. Rake your fingers through the strands to get more volume.

Masks and Serums Counter Frizz

When you have lots of frizzes, you can try tackling the issue at its root. Use shampoo and conditioner that is suited to the type of strands that you have. Make sure that they are the nourishing type, and they can replenish the stripped nutrients after bathing. The better the condition of your strands, the less it will likely be affected by factors like air conditioning or central heating. Try to have masks and serum treatments at least once a week for better results.

If you want to tame the day-to-day flyaway and frizz, a good hair serum can immensely help you. The serum will control frizz and define the curls more, especially during wintertime. If you have a bad day where the strands are far beyond saving, you can always wrap them all up in a scarf. The scarf should be twisted into a bun and at your neck’s nape. You can also tie all of them like what you do with a traditional scarf.

Protect your Hair from Sun Damage

Long exposures to the UV rays of the sun causes damage. A leave-on will help you wash and protect the strands, especially if you love to spend your time outside of your house. Make sure to cover your hair with hats or get a heat protectant with SPF to have more protective layers.

With the above tips, you can always go out with a bouncy and smooth hair that people will surely notice. There are lots of shampoo products that will serve as protection for your strands, so be sure to check them out. With the right care, treatment, products, and tips, you’ll always look beautiful and gorgeous every single day.



  1. Richel Pinca
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    Thanks for sharing this momsh, ?❤ ito din talaga problema ko. Sobrang dry at frizzy hair ako. Nagkakabewang yung buhok ko kakatali.. ??

  2. MA D EL
    September 25, 2020 at 6:12 am

    Thank you for sharing these tips?

  3. Erica sosing
    September 25, 2020 at 6:29 am

    Thank for sharing this to us mommy. Napaka importante din po tlaga na alagaan din po natin yun hair natin Gaya po ng pag aalaga natin sa skin natin. Mahal aga din na malaman natin Kung anong mga hair types natin Para Mas malaman natin Kung anong best shampoo and conditioner ang pwede natin gamitin. If we have a beautiful hair nakaka boost din po ng self confidence. For us girl, our hair is our crowning glory. ☺️?

  4. Rochie Ortiz
    September 25, 2020 at 6:44 am

    Thankyou for sharing this to us mam. Laking bagay ng mga tips na ito

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    Thanks for this tips. It’s really helpful…

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