Top 3 Most Historic Cities On The East Coast

In history class, we learned how America was colonized. It all started on the east coast so, of course, the cities of the eastern states are going to have a rich history. Lets go over the top 3 historic cities and what makes them a great place to live or visit.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Not only is Philadelphia considered the birthplace of the country, but its also the 7th largest city in the United States. The population is around 1.6 million and It still draws in tons of visitors every year. Philadelphia was the first capital of the country for a brief period. After the Revolutionary War, the Capital was selected to be built in what is now the District of Columbia. 

Philly is ground zero for history. The Independence Historical Park includes most famously Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. You could also see the original Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution that were signed in 1176 and 1789 consecutively. The architecture with cobble-stones streets will have you feeling like youre right in the middle of colonial America. 

The Port of Philadelphia was established over 300 years ago. This was one of the busiest ports of the nation when the U.S. was in its infancy of colonizing. This created jobs and an influx of settlers. Much of the planned city consisted of row houses. Five parks were planned by William Penn. These parks are Penn Square, Franklin Square, Washington Square, Rittenhouse Square, and Logan Circle. All of these locations were created in the mid-1700s, over 300 years of history.

Boston, Massachusetts

Many crucial parts of the Revolutionary War took place in and around the territory of Boston. The settlers were infuriated by the Stamp Act that was incorporated to curb the independence of British colonists in America. Early Americans did not take well to this news. This meant that printed materials had to be created on stamped paper that was made in London. Additionally, you had to purchase this in British currency. 

Andrew Oliver was tasked with implementing the tax and his home was ravaged by a Boston mob. Then Parliament sent British forces over to the colonies and soon the Boston Massacre happened. After British troops retreated, they implemented the Tea Act in the colonies. This then caused the Boston Tea Party. The city of Boston was a central location of sieges and battles throughout the Revolutionary War.

Today there are over 23 neighborhoods in Boston. The residential areas around the central city were created and filled in over time. Boston is currently a central hub of young families and young professionals. We recommend looking at Boston apartments for rent based on the affordability and overall livability. Charleston is the location of the Battle of Bunker Hill and is one of the more affordable neighborhoods. Additionally, Cambridge and Jamaica Plain are highly rated sections of Boston too. 

Washington, D.C.

D.C. was named after one of the founding fathers, George Washington. Interestingly, the District of Columbia was inspired by Columbia, which is the female national personification of the United States. Think of her as the woman version of Uncle Sam. These personifications were popular in propaganda and political cartoons across different nations. The capital of the nation and the Federal Seat of the country, D.C. has tons of history to explore. 

You can find the Capital Building where the President lives in Washington D.C. Additionally, the other branches of government are located here as well. These are the Supreme Court and Congress. The Declaration of Independence states that the United States Congress has exclusive jurisdiction over D.C. Ultimately, the area was created exclusively for the operation of the United States.

We recommend visiting all of these awesome historic locations. Washington has a ton of museums that are free and recite the grueling yet inspirational creation of the country. Not planning on moving or buying a home? Philadelphia and Boston are just north of D.C. and would make for an enjoyable historical road trip this summer!