Top 5 Profitable Items To Buy After PUBG Top Up That You Should Know

If you love playing PUBG, you probably know about UC or Unknown Cash. It is like money in the game that you can use to buy special things, making it easier to win. To get UC, you can do a PUBG top up on different platforms, and LapakGaming is a good and safe choice.

But when you spend your UC, be smart about it because there are five really good things you can buy in PUBG with it. So, use your UC carefully, and it can help you enjoy the game more and maybe even win more often!

The Best 5 Profitable Purchases on PUBG

When you purchase UC, you have various options, but to make the most of it, consider investing in the top 5 items available in PUBG. The following is a guide to the essential purchases you should make with UC on PUBG:

1. Royale Pass

The Royale Pass marks a seasonal event inviting players to engage in missions and challenges, offering a pathway to attractive in-game prizes. Its operational system is straightforward the more points you collect, the higher your rank becomes.

Accumulated points contribute to elevating your ranking. The Royale Pass is available in two versions: the Elite Pass and the Elite Pass Plus. Both variants are exclusively obtainable through UC on PUBG.

Upgrading to the Elite Pass gives additional benefits. To make the switch, a payment must be made using Unknown Cash (UC), the in-game currency. The upgrade prices are 600 UC for the Elite Pass and 1800 UC for the Elite Pass Plus. Opting for the Elite Pass through UC payment unlocks enhanced features, providing players with a richer and more rewarding gaming experience.

2. Premium Chest

If you do PUBG top up and buy UC, you can use it to purchase and unlock chests, a widely embraced strategy among PUBG players. This practice allows players to get items, expanding their inventory capacity.

Premium Chests, Classic Chests, and Lucky Chests consistently introduce new Legendary and Mythic items. Consequently, players with sufficient UC in their accounts can invest in opening chests, obtaining valuable items to enrich their collections with new and high-value additions.

3. Lucky Spin

The Lucky Spin feature introduces highly sought-after and rare items in PUBG, ranging from upgradable weapon skins to prestigious X-Suits. Additionally, Lucky Spin has introduced friendly characters like Buddy Kong and Buddy Zilla, miniature versions of King Kong and Godzilla.

This feature presents unique items for a limited duration. In summary, the Lucky Spin involves spinning to obtain free skins, but to get the skins you need several rounds.

4. Change PUBG Business Card

With esports team rosters frequently evolving, the demand for Name Change Cards in PUBG games is rising. PUBG users can get this item for 180 UC from the in-game store. This becomes useful when you desire a change from your current name due to boredom or other reasons.

5. Character Bundle

In PUBG, there are five distinct characters: Victor, Sara, Carlo, Andy, and Anna. Unlocking all characters, except Victor, demands UC or character shards, with Carlo and Andy being the priciest at 1200 UC.

UC is also applicable for acquiring character bundles that encompass character-specific emotes, outfits, and voice packs. If you have a lot of UC in PUBG, you can use it to buy characters. It makes the game more exciting and challenging, improving your overall gaming experience.

Those are five things you can purchase after PUBG top up. Instead of letting your UC go to waste, use it to buy important items and expand your collections.

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