Understanding CoVid-19 Symptoms And How To Manage Them

The first few months of the year have flown by and it is a month past midyear now, but the number of positive cases is still on the rise. While the new normal is less strict now, everyone is still cautious in avoiding the virus, since the data for the past six months have shown that the spike in Covid19 cases started happening again in early June. Since then the majority of the community has been experiencing CoVid-19 symptoms such as fever, muscle pain, and sore throat.

And as a result of the continued quarantine experiences, since the pandemic started, Filipinos are now accustomed to relying on over-the-counter medicines to relieve symptoms.

Here are a few tips to manage CoVid-19 symptoms using over-the-counter medicines:

  1. Fever – Fever is a temporary increase in body temperature, a way for the immune system to fight off an illness. Drinking plenty of water, taking a bath regularly, and dressing comfortably in a well-ventilated area can help relieve fever. It can also be reduced by taking over-the-counter medications like the Ibuprofen Advil Liqui-Gel.
  1. Chills – Chills are involuntary body responses when the body is trying to regulate its temperature. Shivering and trembling cause the muscles to contract and relax which warms up the body. Wearing several layers of clothes, staying in a warm place, and drinking hot chocolate, coffee or tea can help manage chills. It can also be relieved by taking Ibuprofen, like the Advil Liqui-Gel.
  1. Muscle Aches and Pains – Muscle pain is an aching or sharp pain in the body that can be a symptom of many different conditions. Gentle stretches and getting enough rest helps alleviate the discomfort of aches and pain. But for quick relief, Ibuprofen Advil Liqui-Gel can aid muscle pain as it absorbs almost two times faster than the ordinary ibuprofen tablets.
  1. Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea – Nausea is an uneasiness of the stomach that often results in the urge to vomit. Nausea accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea makes the body lose electrolytes like sodium, which are crucial for the body to function. Staying hydrated with water, coconut water, oral rehydration solutions, or sports drink help the body to replenish electrolytes.
  1. Cough – Coughing is a body reflex reaction to get rid of the irritants in the air passages. Boiling and drinking Lagundi leaves helps in soothing cough. Drinking herbal tea with honey also helps reduce mucus secretion and cough.
  1. Sore Throat – A sore throat is a pain, or irritation of the throat that often worsens when swallowing, making it more difficult to eat, drink, and even talk. Drinking herbal tea like ginger tea and gargling lukewarm water with salt helps reduce swelling and irritation. Having readily-available medications like Ibuprofen Advil Liqui-Gel can also help with the pain thats located a little deeper in the glands.

As everyone continues to face the current situation with courage, to feel more at ease, it is advisable to maintain a healthy body with proper nutrition and to have Ibuprofen Advil Liqui-Gel ready in your bag, which can help alleviate pain such as headache, backache, muscle, and joint pain, menstrual pain, etc.

It is important to always read the label prior to use. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. To know more about Advil, visit facebook.com/Advil-PH

For assistance, contact the Department of Health (DOH) hotlines via 1555 for all subscribers, (02) 894-COVID (26843), and through DOH Telemedicine partners at . For more information, follow the DOH Facebook page and join the DOH Viber Group.