UNIQLO Donates Proceeds From PEACE FOR ALL Charity T-shirt Project

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the donation of 145,314,300 yen of funds (as a reference only, US $1,007,173 when calculated using the September 20, 2022 exchange rate of of $1 = 143.23 yen) raised from the global sales of T-shirts through the PEACE FOR ALL charity project. The calculation period for the donation is from launch on June 17 through August 31, 2022. Presented on September 20, 2022, the amount of the donation was proportioned to three organizations that provide humanitarian aid to those affected by poverty, discrimination, violence, conflict, and natural disasters.

PEACE FOR ALL enlists support from prominent world-renowned leaders in the areas of art, design, literature, science, and sport who are aligned with the projects aim and sells T-shirts with their unique designs expressing a desire for peace. The first collection of five charity T-shirts, part of the UT (UNIQLO T-shirt) brand that allows wearers to express their individuality, were released worldwide from June and purchased by many people. Ten new designs were launched one month later, with more designs to follow. UNIQLO would like to express its sincere appreciation to everyone who has so far purchased a T-shirt and for their warm encouragement.

Going forward, UNIQLO will continue to actively engage with persons who support the creation of charity T-shirts, and to sell those T-shirts worldwide. T-shirts are wonderful items that allow wearers to express and share their ideas with others. At the same time, UNIQLO will continue to offer donations in order to change the world in some small way for the better and realize a peaceful future in which all people are able to lead safe and secure lives.

Messages from Donation Recipients


We appreciate everyones support for PEACE FOR ALL. The donations will be used to help UNHCR continue to provide protection, shelter and other forms of assistance, and advocacy on behalf of displaced and stateless people worldwide. UNHCRs lifesaving support also includes access to health care, safe and clean water, education for children and young people, and livelihood opportunities. With more than 100 million people forced to flee their homes, this support is crucial so UNHCR can respond to humanitarian emergenciesin Ukraine, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Nigeria, Afghanistan,the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and beyond. Thank you to UNIQLO and the supporters.

Save the Children

We wish to express our gratitude to UNIQLO and to everyone who has purchased a charity T-shirt. We will use the donation to support children in need who are in difficult situations in Ukraine and its neighboring countries, as well as countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Lebanon, and Mozambique. It will be used for a wide range of responses and activities, including establishing Child Friendly Spaces to provide opportunities for children to restore their normalcy, providing mental health and psychosocial support, ensuring learning opportunities, protecting children who have been separated from their families, and supporting livelihoods of families in difficult situations.

Plan International

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to UNIQLO for allowing us to take part in this wonderful project, and for the generous donation. The funds received will be used to help girls under 18 years of age who are forced to marry against their will, deprived of educational and other opportunities, or subject to violence or abuse, and to prevent early (child) marriage.