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Visa And Robinsons Introduce Contactless Payments In the Philippines

How do you prefer to pay? Are you the one who prefer paying paper bills and coins? Or are you the one who prefer being cashless? If you are going to ask me, I’m one of the people who prefer being cashless. To be honest, I usually have 500 cash in my wallet for emergency purpose only. For me, being cashless and paying with my visa card is more convenient than carrying a cash especially when I’m shopping.

Last August 5. 2019, Visa announced that Robinsons, one of the largest chains of malls in the Philippines is now accepting contactless payments at its department stores and supermarkets in the country. Another good news is that there will be over 700 contactless terminals enabled across 16 locations in the Philippines, where Visa credit cardholders can make contactless payments.

With this, We don’t need to dip, swipe or sign for payments under 2,000 pesos. It offers us a faster and convenient to pay for our purchases, where we can simply tap our cards on a payment terminal to complete a a transaction.

“Contactless payments in the Philippines are starting to take off and we have been working on expanding our contactless acceptance footprint in the Philippines. To date, we are seeing triple digit year-on-year growth in terms of contactless spend, and number of transactions in the country. With Robinsons coming on board as a key merchant partner, we believe more FIlipinos will experience how fast, convenient and seamless contactless payments are. Contactless payments also help Filipinos to embrace paying with their payment cards for small ticket sized items. The average ticket size for contactless transactions is approximately 1700 Philippines Peso. By expanding contactless acceptance with more merchants, we are confident¬†that more Filipinos will appreciate the benefits of contactless payments, which will help to accelerate the use of electronic payments in the country”, said Dan Wolbert, Visa Country Manager for the Philippines and Guam.

Celina Chua, Group General Manager of Robinsons Department Store and Toy R’ Us said, “We want our customers to experience a faster, more efficient and secure way to purchase using contactless payments. This partnership with Visa paves the way to a new shopping journey for all our customers, revolutionizing the way we transact and pay. Moreover, this helps our cashiers to attend to more customers with contactless. Contactless is truly the future of payments as we, Filipinos veer towards becoming a digital cashless technology.


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