What Are The 4 Different Types Of EV Cables And How Do They Compare?

Electric cars could present a great opportunity to decrease the auto owner’s carbon footprint and do their part in saving the environment. However, electric cars unlike traditional automobiles require charging stations to power them and allow the owner to use the automobile.

When traveling throughout the country or even the world, electric car owners will need the right EV cables to charge the automobile, and some charging stations will not have the same connections. This could become an issue for electric car owners that just have one type of EV cable and plug. By reviewing the 4 different types of EV cables, auto owners can determine what cords are right for their vehicle.

1. Details About CHAdeMO Cables

The CHAdeMO cables are compatible with electric automobiles such as Mazda, Tesla, and Honda models. It provides the auto owner with a power rating that ranges up to 50kW. The advantages of using the chademo adapter are that it is compatible with most charging stations and has been used as a backup for the standard supercharger. The cable has a smaller diameter and offers an easy-to-use locking mechanism and offers liquid cooling. The newer editions of these cables offer faster charging and at a higher voltage. This could mean getting the electric car back on the road faster.

2. Mode 3 EV Cables

Mode 3 EV cables are available for electric cars that use two sockets when charging at a charging station. The owners can use type 1 or 2 plugs with these cables. They can convert their type 2 cables to mode 3 with the right accessories. This could give travelers better options if they encounter charge stations that require different plug types that aren’t compatible with their automobile. The mode three cables are used for Nissan vehicles most often.

3. Type 1 EV Cables

Type 1 EV cables are less-common EV cables, and they are used in Asian territories. Auto owners will not purchase these cables for their automobiles unless they are planning to travel into Asia with their electric cars, or if they plan to rent an electric car while traveling through the area. The charging ability of the cables ranges up to 7.4kW only.

4. Type 2 EV Cables

Type 2 EV cables are a triple-phase cable that is compatible with many charging stations throughout the world, and many auto owners can get more out of the cables if they want to travel to other countries with their electric cars. The current charging abilities of the cables range up to around 22kW. These cables are compatible with most electric car models and give the owner more versatility.

Electric cards present the world with an alternative choice over traditional automobiles, and they could decrease the use of fossil fuels. However, to use electric vehicles, the owners must charge them adequately each day to ensure the cars have enough power to move around their area or the areas where they love to travel. No two plugs and cables are the same, and many charging stations do not provide the right equipment for all makes and models.

For this reason, many electric car owners will need to learn about the different cables and plugs that are compatible with their automobiles and give them far more options when they are traveling or just using these vehicles to get back and forth to work each day.


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