Why Choose Sapphire Buffalo Grass For Your Turf?

Many homeowners want the best for their lawns. Sapphire Buffalo is an excellent fit for your backyard with good quality and with ultimate luxury quality.

Sapphire Buffalo is a bred fine leaf from Australia with a texture of turfgrass. It was produced from an older Australian variety, which is the Sir Walter Buffalo Turf. Hiquality Turf Sydney is one of the reliable suppliers of Sapphire Buffalo grass in NSW, Australia.

Why Sapphire Buffalo?

It is an excellent choice for shady areas. According to independent research, sapphire soft leaf buffalo outperforms other varieties of Buffalo like Kings Pride, Matilda, Shademaster, and Sir Walter in 70% shade.

 It maintains the quality and growth of the leaf. The development of the grass is well above average than the expected growth of a Buffalo.

Beautiful deep-green grass color.

The deep-green color of the Sapphire Buffalo creates an aesthetically and pleasing look that makes it softer underfoot.

The Sapphire Buffalo’s softness is due to the delicate folded leaf and growth that help create a beautiful winter color.

Low maintenance lawn.

Sapphire Buffalo is more than its beauty and softness. It is a durable and robust lawn, which makes it ideal for families with children and pets.

This kind of Buffalo has a robust, dense growth with a substantial resistance to weeds.

Unlike most Buffalo varieties, Sapphire Buffalo has a little cover rate (less maintenance), which gives you and your family more time to enjoy the lawn.

Good recovery rate.

Besides maintaining the lawn, it is in the mind of a homeowner how to recover good grass.

As mentioned above, Sapphire Buffalo has a substantial resistance, which makes it easier to recover from the hard wear and tear of grass.

Once the grass is established, it will result in a healthy deep root system. It is helping the grass to recover faster.

Copes with tough climate

Sapphire Buffalo is not just great in shade tolerance, and it is also drought tolerant.

Like any other plants, Sapphire Buffalo requires water for growth and maintenance. Sapphire turf depends on the environmental factor, which needs your awareness of the climate.

If you are in a warmer area of Australia, go for sapphire buffalo grass.

Disease and pests resistant

Sapphire Buffalo has a more significant disease and pests resistance compared to other grass varieties. The new bred of buffalo grass prevents the scratchiness and irritative nature of grasses.

Overview of the benefits of Sapphire Buffalo grass

This high-quality soft leaf type of Buffalo is the best option for Australian homeowners. Other being a known shade-safe buffalo grass, it thrives excellently in sunny conditions and can withstand drought.

One characteristic that makes Australian homeowners choose sapphire buffalo is the deep-green color and fine leaf blade. This type of grass has low thatch and seeding levels.

To remain a healthy, strong, and beautiful grass, sapphire buffalo requires some fertilizer. It is advisable to apply a slow release of fertilizer a month. Water your lawn accordingly.


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