Women’s Sunglasses: 5 Trendy Shapes That Will Enhance Your Looks

When our eyes need protection from the sun or we need help with our overall eyesight, glasses are the answer. Some people choose to have eye surgery to correct defects, and others choose to use contact lenses. But, those solutions still leave a person’s eyes vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays and damage. There are stylish glasses that have photo-lenses that work indoors and then turn to darker sunglasses for the outdoors. But, for those who only need sunglasses, there are hundreds of styles and shapes to choose from. The trick is to pick the right shape for your face and personality.

Considerations for Eye Wear Choices

When choosing a frame for their sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses, there are some considerations to keep in mind. They include:

·  The person’s gender will dictate the choice of frame in many cases. Men’s faces are larger and often their day-to-day tasks and activities will be different. Male and female anatomical differences are taken into consideration. Women’s glasses might be a little different than men’s glasses.

· The prescription type matters because some stronger prescriptions require thicker, heavier lenses that will not work with all frame designs. Prescription lenses can be computer lenses, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, bifocals or progressive lenses, non-prescription sunglasses, or safety glasses. The lenses come with a number of different coatings including anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating, UV coating, and tinted lenses.

·   It is important to see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to get the correct prescription and an eye exam before choosing glass frames.

·  Frame material and pricing make a difference. Eyewear frames come in many materials and at many price points. Decide what the budget is for the glasses before beginning the selection process. That way, you won’t pick a frame style and material that is way out of your price range. Frames come in materials such as metals, plastics, bamboo, exotic woods, acetate, and more. Each material has color and style choices at different prices. The frame price can be dictated by who designed them or who manufactured them.

·   Frame color is the fun part of the frame choice because color can reflect a person’s personal tastes and style. The colors can range from white to black and every color in-between with patterns such as tortoise or floral designs. A frame can come in a mixture of colors. Metal frames have their own colors.

·  The frame shape chosen is entirely personal. But, some frame shapes work better for prescription types. Common frame shapes include round, square, rectangular, oval, cat eye, aviator, brow-line, and more. Frame shapes should be chosen to flatter the face shape.

·  Frame size. The frame size is determined by a collection of measurements of the face, the frame style, and other considerations. The eyeglass frames must fit properly to be comfortable to wear all day.

·  The frame style is determined by the designer and the manufacturer and there are many styles to choose from. Style is a very personal choice and should be carefully considered since most people wear one pair of glasses for several years before changing. There are classic styles, trendy styles, fashion statement frame styles, retro style frames, and more.

What Are 5 Trendy Shapes to Enhance a Woman’s Looks?

Women’s faces tend to be classified in five shapes including square, heart, oval, diamond, or round. Each face shape looks best with the correct frame shape. The popular frame shapes to choose from include round, oval, rectangle, cat eye, and aviator. Another good shape is flat or brow-line combined with one of the five shapes.

1. If a person has a square- or rectangular-shaped face, they have a strong jawline and not much curve to the cheekbones leading up to a broad forehead. They will look better in an oversized round, oval, rectangle, or cat eye glasses or sunglasses.

2. A lucky person with a heart-shaped face has a broad forehead with wider cheekbones and a narrow chin. The hairline can form the top of a heart on the forehead. This face shape looks best with regular or square cat eye, flat top, aviator, or rectangular frames.

3. The round face is noted for full cheek bones with a narrower jawline and forehead. This shape face looks best with eye wear frames that are rectangular, slim cat eye, square, or some classic styles.

4. A woman with a diamond shaped face has a forehead and chin that are narrower than the cheekbones. The chin will come to a gentle point. All the five shapes can look good on this shaped face. Lucky person.

5. A woman with an oval face shape has a balanced look for their forehead, jawline, and cheekbones forming an oval and they can look good in any of the frame shapes.

What Are The Five Trendy Shapes to Look For This Year?

This year the trendy eye glasses frame shapes to look for are the oval shapes, some of the oversized frames like aviator or round, cat eye shape, square shapes, and retro classics. Think about classic, no fuss shapes that will be stylish for a long time. Choose the frame that looks good on you and will be comfortable to wear.

What About Shopping for Eyewear Online?

There are some very good online eyewear suppliers that have generous return policies. This is important since you are not trying on the glasses before ordering them. To shop for glasses online, a person will need to get a prescription from their eye care professional and follow the online site’s directions for measuring the face and choosing a style.

When shopping online, look for a supplier who has guides to help a person choose frames according to face shape and other factors. The best sites have the virtual try-on feature. They give the most guidance to their customers to ensure a good choice the first time. It is worth checking out some online eyeglass sites to compare their choices and ordering guidelines.

Online glasses suppliers are often less expensive than the brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores found locally. But, comparing prices is also a good idea. Another advantage of online shopping is that you can browse any time of the day or night from home. The convenience is worth a lot to busy people.



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