Working Out With Pull Up Bars: The Benefits Of Pull Ups

Nowadays, keeping healthy and in good shape is usually a tough challenge for most of us. A lot of people often have this as one of their goals or resolutions at the beginning of each year.

They even enroll in different fitness centers to start working out. Some will drop out after a few days, weeks or months and a good percentage will never even show up at the training facility. Only a few usually complete the journey.

Well, since this is a problem to most of us, it is always suggested that we try doing some exercises at home like doing pull ups among others.

Pull ups can be very efficient, especially when doing them using equipment like a standalone pull up bar or any accessible thing you can find in the park that can allow you to do your pull ups.

Without any further ado, let’s look at what a pull up is and some of the benefits you can enjoy from this type of exercise.

What is a pull up?

This is a type of exercise that is usually performed to gain an upper body strength. To do this kind of workout, you will require a pull up bar or something you can hang on. When hanging on your pull up bar, make sure your palms are not facing you.

They should be facing in the opposite direction like when you are waving. You also need to ensure that your body is fully stretched or extended. At this position, you will now pull your body up until the bar is slightly under your chin.

You need to know the differences between a chin up and a pullup. For instance, with chin ups, both your hands and palms should be facing you. Performing a pullup can be a bit difficult sometimes, especially when you are just starting out as it is considered to be among the advanced workouts.

However, with the best equipment, you can still get great results with different variations. Now, let us see a few advantages of doing pull ups.

  • Strength on your back

If you want to build bigger and stronger back muscles, this is a good exercise for you. It is much more effective when it comes to strengthening your back. Here are a few muscles that you will be working out with this type of exercise.

  • Latissmus dorsi, this is the largest muscle on your upper back. It runs from the midsection of your back to just below your armpit and the shoulder blade.
  • Trapezius, this runs from the neck and out to the shoulders.
  • Thoracic erector spinae. Just as the name suggests, these are the three muscles that run along the thoracic spine.
  • Infraspinatus. This can be found near the shoulder blade and offer assistance with  the shoulder extension.
  • Strengthening both the shoulder and arm muscles

If you keep on doing the exercise on a regular basis, you will notice some change when you take a look at your shoulder and arm muscles.

You will strengthen both your shoulders and forearms when you keep on doing the exercise.

The good thing about this workout is that you can be able to increase the strength in your targeted areas even when you are getting some assistance when working out.

You can also increase your strength just by hanging on the bar without even completing the full pull up movement.

  • Improving the strength of your grip

Have you ever wondered how some people are having a stronger grip than others? Well, there’s really no big secret behind it.

Just be consistent with your workout. Having a good grip strength is quite important when it comes to things like lifting weights and any other heavy objects.

This can also come in handy as it can improve your performance in certain sports like rock climbing, golf or tennis.

Having a strong grip is also important when it comes to carrying out certain day to day activities.

These may include shoveling out snow, walking your pet dog using a leash or even opening jars, among other things.

  • Improves the fitness level and overall body strength

If you are looking to increase your fitness level, look no further than going for a resistance or strength training.

This is quite achievable with pull ups since you will be required to lift up the entire body weight as you move up. With this, you have a great chance of improving both your overall health and body strength.

A few studies have shown that it is possible for one to improve their cardiovascular health and bone development by performing any strength training workouts like pull ups. For better results, you should consider working out upto two or three times in a week.

  • Improving your physical health

As mentioned before, doing any strength training exercise or resistance training can have a great impact on your overall health. This includes your physical health as well.

Various studies have shown that one can be able to deal with type 2 diabetes and greatly reduce the amount of visceral fat in your body. It can also help you to reduce resting blood pressure.

Doing pull ups on a regular basis can also help you to reduce any back aches or discomforts that might be caused by fibromyalgia and arthritis.

If you have been experiencing such pains, it is advisable that you talk to a professional medical practitioner since it might not be quite safe for you to engage in any kind of rigorous physical activity.

Also, you need to keep in mind that different people might have different outcomes. Click here to see some techniques you can use for your pull ups workout to be effective.


Keeping your body in good shape will most definitely come with other health advantages. As you work out, you will not only be improving your physical appearance, but you will also have a great overall health. If you are not able to do the traditional pull ups, you can do your research and adopt a variation that will best work for you to achieve your desired results. Also, make sure to consult a doctor in case of any complications.


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