It’s Raining Deals And Discounts With Beko’s Splash Into Savings Rainy Season Promo

With the rainy season upon us, laundry can often feel like a never-ending chore. Clothes take longer to dry, and the constant dampness can lead to unpleasant odors.

This all-too-common experience does not have to be the norm, that is why Beko, one of the leading European appliance brands is here to save the day with the Splash Into Savings Promo with discounts of up to Php 11,000 off on laundry appliances until September 30, 2024.

A large load of laundry is not a fearsome sight with the HTV9743X washer-dryer, now available for a cash price of only PHP 39,990 (PHP 10,000 discount vs. SRP of PHP 49,990). This appliance has a 9.0 kg. washing capacity and 5.0 kg. drying capacity equipped with Beko’s ProSmart Inverter technology that ensures powerful performance and energy efficiency. It also features a SteamCure Hygiene+ function, which uses sensitive temperature controls, additional rinse and spin cycles to remove microorganisms from your laundry, leaving them hygienic and sanitized. 

Need to multitask? You can control and monitor this washer-dryer from anywhere in your home using the HomeWhiz smart home app through a Bluetooth Connection.

Big families will enjoy improved laundry convenience with the WCV10746M. Now priced at PHP 39,990 (PHP 10,000 savings vs. SRP of PHP 49,990), this front load washer has a 10 kg. washing capacity and 15 wash programs ranging from gentle cleaning to intensive wash. This model has a special feature called the Xpress Super Short that can wash 2 kg of laundry in just 14 minutes. 

The Steam Cure Hygiene+ feature ensures quick and spotless cleaning by softening dirt on clothes, making it easier to remove. The ProSmart Inverter motor also makes the washer highly efficient and durable, with lower energy consumption and reduced sound levels. This washer can be connected to the HomeWhiz smart home app for added convenience.

Say goodbye to musty clothes with the B5T46203M front-load dryer. Now at PHP 43,990 (PHP 11,000 discount vs. SRP of PHP 54,990), this model has a 12 kg. drying capacity, 15 drying programs, and heat pump dryer technology. It also has the innovative IronFinish feature, which eliminates the need for ironing by using a unique combination of heat and steam to reduce wrinkles, ensuring crisp-looking and ready to wear clothes, from jeans, and cotton, to vibrant-colored tees. It is also equipped with a ProSmart Inverter motor, enabling quiet operation and maximizing efficiency while minimizing energy costs.

Enjoy shorter laundry time with the WTLD160D, now priced at PHP 27,990 (PHP 7,000 savings vs. SRP of PHP 34,990). This top-load washer can handle up to 16 kg. washing capacity and comes with innovative features such as the 3D Fine Wash, which uses optimized drum movements to provide thorough cleaning and keeping garments in pristine condition. With 10 wash programs ranging from standard to heavy, as well as Foam Clean technology for easier stain removal, this washer has got you covered. Plus, it runs quietly and reliably with its ProSmart Inverter motor.

For those on a budget, the WTTA1303WP is the perfect choice. This twin tub washer has a 13 kg. washing capacity and is now available for only PHP 12,740 (PHP 2,250 discount vs. SRP of PHP 14,990). It has a 7kg. spin capacity for heavy-duty loads and features innovative Ultra Dry technology that improves the drying efficiency of the spin cycle. This technology significantly reduces moisture levels in clothes, enabling faster drying even in high humidity conditions, which makes it perfect for the rainy seasons. Its Dual Tub Design is rust-proof and allows you to wash and spin-dry simultaneously, saving you time and making your laundry process more efficient.

With Beko’s reliable appliances, you can look forward to a breezier laundry time and ensure cleaner and fresher-looking clothes with every wash. Achieve the Beko State of Mind with washers and dryers that you can count on, especially this rainy season. 

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